The Sons of Japheth

Sons of JaphethLocation Notes
GomerJosephus and Holman have them settled in central Turkey. Josephus adds that they became the Galatians, from whom the Gauls were descended; ESV puts them east of there, in the southern Caucasus region.
MagogJosephus identifies them with the Scythians, i.e., people who settled north of the Black and Caspian Seas. ESV has them in the southern Caucasus with Gomer, while Holman puts them in central Turkey.
MadaiAll my sources agree in identifying these with the Medes, of northern Iran and who later joined with the Persians.
JavanJosephus identifies these with “Ionians” and says all Greeks descended from him. The other two sources put them in the Aegean islands, anyway.
TubalJosephus says these became the “Iberes”—Iberians? But the ESV map puts Tubal in modern-day Georgia in the Caucasus, while Holman places him in central Turkey (Cappadocia).
MeshechBecame the Cappadocians (in central Turkey), says Josephus; its capital was called Mazaca. ESV places them somewhat east of there, still in Turkey, while Holman places them slightly west.
TirasJosephus says they became Thrace, on the north of the Aegean Sea, and Holman agrees, but encorporates the suggestion that it included ancient Troy; Etruscians, speculates ESV.

Note: seven sons, a “complete” number representing others.

The Sons of Gomer

AshkenazJosephus says the the Ashkenazis were “Rheginians,” but what this means is not totally clear. The Talmud purportedly places this in east-central Europe. The ESV and Holman both place them in Caucasus.
RiphathJosephus identifies this with Paphlagonia, on the north-central coast of Turkey, while Holman places them in eastern Turkey and ESV has no opinion.
TogarmahJosephus identifies them with Phrygians, in western central Turkey, while the other sources have Togarmah in eastern Turkey or Armenia.

The Sons of Javan

ElishahJosephus says they are “now the Aeolians,” on the northern part of the Aegean coast of Turkey. The ESV and Holman both put them on Cyprus.
TarshishThe location of “Tarshish,” in the Bible, is famously unknown, but Josephus confidently has it as Cilicia, the capital of which was Tarsus, on the southeast coast of Turkey. The ESV speculates it is Tartessos in Spain, while Holman says that it is in Italy, or some point thereabout.
KittimAll agree that Kittim is Cyprus.
DodanimReading “Rhodanim,” ESV and Holman have this as Rhodes; Josephus does not mention it.

Note: these two latter groups together also make seven in number.